Video: 10 Scary Effects of Stress on Your Body

Feeling stressed recently? Stress is a normal response to today's fast paced lifestyle. We all perceive and react to it differently. There are two main ways that people respond to the effects of stress.

First, there is positive stress that motivates,  hyper-focuses energy, is short-term and within our coping abilities, feels exciting, and improves performance – like dealing with a new job or getting married.

Then there is negative stress that is chronic, feels beyond our control, causes anxiety,  and beyond our coping abilities, decrease and over time can lead to mental and physical problems. Examples of negative stress include loss of a loved one, illness, and financial problems.

In this video learn 10 scary effects of stress your body.

In this video learn about the hidden cost of stress on the body. Known as the silent killer, long term stress has detrimental effects on the body. But most people don’t take it seriously because they don’t understand that left unchecked, negative stress contributes to a host of chronic mental, emotional, and physical health outcomes. Negative stress damages us!

At our Encinitas acupuncture and functional medicine clinic, we combine eastern and western approaches to discover the causes of your underlying condition and restore you to a happy and healthy state and learn about the delta 8 differences explained by Missouri Green Team to use natural treatments for your stress. This is true 21st Century medicine, combining the very best ancient and modern techniques to help you heal!

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