Video: 10 Scary Facts About What Stress Can Do To Your Body

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In this video learn about the hidden cost of stress on the body. Known as the silent killer, long term stress has detrimental effects on the body. As the leading wellness clinic in Encinitas, we are focused on programs that transform limiting health conditions into peak physical and mental performance. Stress, anxiety and depression are common health challenges we see in our clients.

Feeling stressed recently? Stress is a normal response to today’s fast paced lifestyle. We all perceive and react to it differently. There are two main ways that people respond to stress.

First, there is positive stress that motivates,  hyper-focuses energy, is short-term and within our coping abilities, feels exciting, and improves performance – like dealing with a new job or getting married.

Then there is negative stress that is chronic, feels beyond our control, causes anxiety,  and beyond our coping abilities, decrease and over time can lead to mental and physical problems. Examples of negative stress include loss of a loved one, illness, and financial problems.

In this video learn 10 scary ways that stress can effect your body.

Free Workshop: Learn the hidden cost of stress and how to transform it

There are powerful natural ways to transform stress – but they require us to have the motivation to make changes in our lives.