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A key foundation for protecting your health is to proactively upgrade your immune system. There are three keys to success:


    • Optimized nutrition with clean eating and essential vitamins and minerals
    • Antivirals and supplements to target pathogens and lingering infections
    • Treat the root causes of underlying chronic health conditions


Alchemy Immunity Checkup

Schedule a 30 minute telemedicine consultation with a Doctor of Chinese and Functional Medicine to assess your symptoms and take steps to upgrade your immune system.

How The Program Works


Step 1: Tell us about your health

Schedule a teleconsultation and complete our symptom checker. This helps us to understand your health issues before your session.


Step 2: Teleconsultation with Dr. Josse

30-minute teleconsultation with Dr. Josse. Discuss your health concerns, review symptoms and learn how to strengthen your immune system.


Step 3: Get a Personalized Plan

Get personalized advice to optimize your immune system and lower your risk. Includes nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations.

About Dr. Josse Ford


Dr. Josse Ford is a board certified Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, functional medicine practitioner, herbal pharmacologist, and holistic nutrition expert passionate about radiant health and peak physical and mental performance. She is experienced in treating a wide range of conditions including autoimmune and digestive disorders, stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Josse's focus is restoring balance and addressing the underlying systemic issues that lead to chronic health conditions. Her approach treats the body as a complete functioning ecosystem.

The Alchemy Approach

Your Keys to Vibrant Health

If your immune system is not functioning well, a mild infection can hang on for weeks. With underlying chronic health conditions a virus can grow into a life threatening pneumonia.

The secret to radiant health and the ability to effectively deal with viruses is superior nutrition. When it comes to food each person is unique and there is no one size fits all appproach that effectively transforms chronic health issues.

Our Immunity consultation can get you started with a best practices approach for boosting immunity. However, if you want a deep dive into your unique nutritional and biochemical profile then we would recommend our telemedicine consultation which includes specialised gut and nutrition tests, as well as individualized nutrition plans.

What's Included in Your Immunity Consultation

Symptom Checker

Our medical symptom checker allows us to get a good picture of your overall health and to understand how effectively the main systems in your body are functioning.

Doctor Consultation

As a Doctor of functional medicine and oriental medicine Dr. Josse takes the time to understand your health concerns and recommend solutions that treat you as a complete functioning human.

Immunity Boosting Health Plan

Get a tailored immunity boosting plan including nutrition and supplement recommendations. All our treatments are effective, safe, and without harmful side effects!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Why choose Alchemy Radiant Health?
We focus on discovering and treating the root cause of chronic health conditions. The key to immune resilience is treating and reversing chronic disease. During the COVID-19 pandemic for example, researchers found that people with chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure were at much greater risk for complications from the virus. Our solutions find and treat the causes rather than just relieving symptoms.
Is the Immunity Consultation right for me?
Are you looking for a risk assessment and recommendations on how to support your overall health and immune system? The Immunity Consultation is a review of your current symptoms based on your medical symptoms checker results, and a recommendation for addressing your most pressing health concern today. If you’re interested in personalized and continued care, access to specialty testing, and unlimited email support, we can recommend a program or membership plan after your consultation.
Will the doctor be able to order lab work, specialty tests, or review past testing of mine?
We are not able to order lab tests prior to your Immunity Consultation. This consult also does not include a review of past lab work. Your doctor will review and recommend the appropriate next steps for your care. We do review and recommend specialty functional lab tests as part of our programs and membership plans!
Is this an urgent or acute care visit?
Our focus is on diagnosing and treating the underlying long-term causes of poor health with Chinese medicine and functional medicine. We are not an acute care provider and are not available for same-day appointments. If you have a medical emergency, we recommend that you visit urgent care or an ER.
Do I need to have insurance?
No, you do not need insurance to have an Immunity Consultation at Alchemy. The Immunity Consultation may be eligible for reimbursement from your HSA or FSA.
Does this include health coaching visits?
The Alchemy Immunity Consultation is a one-time check up with Dr. Josse Ford and does not include access to health coaching visits. If you would like to upgrade to a program or membership plan we can recommend options to you after your checkup. We also welcome questions about our programs at
Can I message the doctor before or after the visit?
Messaging is not included in the Alchemy Immunity Consultation. If you're interested in a program or membership plan (which include messaging) please contact us at
What are my options for continuing care with Alchemy after this visit?
If you are looking to continue care after your Immunity Consultation, you can sign up for a program or membership. Programs are typically 3-6 months in length and tend to be focused on addressing a specific health issue. Our membership plans include a set number of appointments each year together with health coaching and access to our extensive recipe and meal plan libraries. They also include unlimited email support. Memberships may be paid as a monthly membership fee or an upfront payment with a prepayment discount. Please contact us at to learn about our programs and membership plans.

Take Your Health to the Next Level

Superimmunity is key to staying healthy. Book your immunity consultation and start experiencing radiant health!

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