"Feeling Like 30 Again" - A Patient Case Study

Dr. Josse Ford DACM L.Ac.
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Dr. Josse

Josse Ford has a focus on healing the gut to resolve a range of physical, mental, and emotional conditions.
December 16, 2019
“Thank you Alchemy Radiant Health. I do feel RADIANT and I thank you for really changing my life! My husband of 30 years thanks you too! I have never been happier.”
Patty Contreras

Getting well, losing that excess weight, and just plain feeling good and enjoying life can often feel just out of reach. Life is so busy and full of challenges and stress – and yet it really is possible to achieve your health goals if you have good guidance and you’re willing to make your health a priority.

We love to share success stories and today we have a great one for you – please enjoy and feel inspired!

Meet Patty Contreras from Del Mar California. A proud Mom with three children who have left the nest and are making their way successfully in the world in the big apple, she is also a very successful luxury home realtor at Compass in San Diego’s North County. This is a role that requires a lot of energy and mental acuity to stay ahead of competitors.

Meet Patty Contreras

Why Patty came to us

Patty found us while waiting for a table at a neighboring restaurant. She was having issues with her gut health – feeling bloated all the time with a distended stomach that always hurt, regardless of how healthy she was eating. Her face was puffy, and she often felt lethargic and tired. She was also well above her natural weight and afflicted with food cravings and hunger whenever she tried different diets. Her skin was dry, and her hair was thinning.

What was the impact?

When Patty first contacted us, she described feeling bad – like she had aged rapidly in the last few years. She didn’t feel she had the energy or mental focus to close some of the big real estate sales she was engaged with. Her health was also impacting her relationships with friends and family – feeling irritable and moody and just not being able to enjoy life to the max. She didn’t feel herself.

Patty ended the call with something we hear from so many new patients:

“I just want to feel how I did 10 years ago!”

Pictures of Patty before and after

Patty Before
148 pounds, wearing Size 8 dress
Feeling all of her 57 years
Stomach aches and bloating
Mood Swings and tiredness
Dry flakey skin and scalp
Soft, peeling, thin nails
Patty 6 Weeks Later
135 pounds, Size 6 in same dress
Feeling “like 30”
Clear skin
Stronger nails and hair
No stomach aches or bloating
No cravings and never hungry
Better mood! Family and friends enjoy

How Patty Changed on the Alchemy Program

Patty noticed almost immediate changes after starting the recovery program we designed for her.

“Literally the 4th day my husband noticed something different in my face, skin, and body…I was radiant! Even my attitude changed”

Friends and business associates noticed the changes too:

“People are coming up to me asking me what happened, what are you doing?”


Patty described feeling “clean and not bloated”. She lost 8 pounds in the first four weeks – but she felt like she had lost 20 pounds. After six weeks she was down 13 pounds. And because she was on a personalized nutrition program she wasn’t experiencing any cravings or hunger.

“The most unreal thing that has happened (and Dr. Josse Ford told me it would happen), is that I have zero cravings and never feel hungry like I used to.”

What we loved the most though was that Patty felt younger!

“I am 57 and feel like I’m in my 30’s when I was never bloated and never worried about my stomach. I’m in my clothes that I had put away thinking I would never be able to wear again. My hair and nails are now strong and my skin looks radiant”


Patty summed up her results on the Alchemy program this way:
“My entire body literally from head to toe has been deflated as if someone put a needle in and got rid of the bloating. Even my shoes feel better! I feel like myself again, a person I haven’t felt like or seen in the mirror in years. I’m also less moody and anxious about things I cannot control. My approach to life is much more relaxed and I have a new clarity about my life..”
Patty Contreras

Finding The Right Doctor

Patty is a wonderful example that you can literally turn your life around if you work with a trained professional with extensive knowledge of gut health and cutting-edge nutrition. She had been to see many doctors without realizing that they didn’t have the knowledge or experience to help her.

“I had been to so many doctors complaining about how I felt. They all passed me off to pills or said, “just eat your fruits and vegetables, exercise, drink water, and you will be fine”. Well, I did that! Meanwhile I was unhappy, bloated all the time, my stomach was distended and always hurt, my face was blown up.“

The reason Patty had been unable to get the help she needed is that the system of medicine practiced by most physicians is based on acute care – the treatment of trauma or illness that needs urgent care. That might be something like appendicitis or a heart attack, or a broken limb. Acute care is very important, but it lacks the proper methodology and tools for preventing and treating complex, multifactorial conditions associated with the gut. This is where the functional medicine and Chinese medicine we practice at Alchemy really shine!

What we did to help Patty

1. Inital Consultation

Patty’s journey to recovery started with a comprehensive initial consultation and evaluation. At this session I spent time with Patty reviewing her health history and lab tests, and looking for interactions between genetic, environmental, emotional and lifestyle factors that influence long-term health and complex gut health challenges.

This is what we mean when we talk about “healing the whole person” – supporting the unique expression of health and vitality for each individual. Humans are much more complex than an isolated set of symptoms!

2. Personalized Nutrition Plan

Based on the initial consult, I decided to start Patty on a supervised medical detox program and personalized nutrition plan. Everyone is unique and there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all diet. Today the concept of individualized medicine is gaining recognition and personalized nutrition is a critical foundation for premium health.

3. Organic Wholefood Medical Detox

Detoxification was an essential part of Patty’s program, not only to minimize the direct effects of environmental toxins (like fatigue and sleep disorders), but also to help with weight loss. This is because our bodies store toxins in fat cells to protect vital organs and will literally try to hold onto the fat to protect us from toxic exposure. Another key element of Patty’s detox program was supplementation to balance hormones like insulin that have a strong tendency to promote weight gain.

Our bodies have a natural metabolic detoxification process – which is why you’ll sometimes hear doctors say that you don’t need to detoxify. That was probably true 50 years ago, but is no longer the case due to the very high levels of environmental toxicity in our 21st century cities and living spaces. It is important though to choose a professionally managed detox program that supports the body’s natural metabolic process, because FAD diets and detoxes can lead to more problems than they solve.

Why Was Patty Successful?

We were really happy with the program that we designed for Patty – but ultimately her successful outcome was as much related to her own commitment to the program. She really wanted her life to change and was willing to make the nutrition and lifestyle changes to support it. She embraced a new way of thinking about nutrition and lifestyle, and wasn’t concerned about being different from her friends. Her desire to change was greater than her comfort with staying the same! Way to go Patty!

Ready to Transform Your Life?

We can help you move from the hell of lethargy, tiredness, excess weight, foggy thinking, anxiety, and ill-health to the heaven of a balanced happy and healthy life. Just as we did for Patty we’re willing to give 100% to develop a personalized program for you and show you how to succeed – if you’re willing to change.

Are you willing to commit 100% to recover your health? If you have a sincere desire and willingness to change we’d love to hear from you. We invite you to get started by scheduling your initial consultation. We can work with you in person at our Encinitas clinic, or remotely via tele-consultation. 

And if you’re looking for a warm and very successful realtor in North San Diego County, we wholeheartedly endorse Patty! You can learn more about her business at https://www.pattycontreras.com/