Our experience was transformative.

I came to Dr. Josse after my husband was diagnosed with cancer and wanted to make changes to benefit our wellbeing. After our first consultation, we worked on our nutrition and learned how food can help us heal. We embraced the changes and our experience was transformative. My hot flashes have diminished, I can sleep through the night and I have more energy and clarity. My husbands (diabetes) AC1 number went from 7.8 to 6.4 in three months and we anticipate his next test to show a reading in the 5’s based on his daily numbers.

Josse and her husband Daniel are so supportive and offer a wealth of information. We continue the protocol, which includes supplements and Chinese herbs and acupuncture that helps with healing and stress. If you’re serious about your health and want to feel vibrant, I highly recommend coming here.

On a side note, I had a friend ask me if I had botox or fillers because I looked so refreshed…


She truly dedicates herself to help you heal.

I came to see Dr. Josse after I lost a job I was extremely dedicated to. I was heart-broken, to say the least and had also lost my will to live. She kept encouraging me to take care of myself and gave me suggestions. She never used force or told me that I had to follow a specific regimet. She kept stressing that what would be in my highest interest.

Soon I opened up with questions about nutrition because I saw a tremendous change in myself and I wanted to start being more proactive. She immediately emailed me recipes and suggested what to eat and what to avoid.

Dr. Josse has created a warm and safe environment in her practice. I have a much better outlook on life in general and myself. The treatments have helped me to keep going, even through the hardest times! I feel very much at ease, calm and at peace. I sleep a lot better. I’m very energized by the acupuncture treatments and the foods I’m eating.

Since going to Josse for acupuncture treatments I no longer have skin rashes all over my body, my digestive issues of gas, bloating and constipation have gone. My sleep is great, I no longer wake up feeling anxious or disturbed and I fall asleep easily. I had a pain in my gut but that is now gone!


I am a happier person.  I have no pain!

I came to Josse during a time when I was having great emotional instability. My stress and discomfort had begun to cause terrible pain in my shoulders and neck to the point where I was unable to sleep. Josse was able to patiently explain to me how the stresses in our life can manifest as bodily pain. Her acupuncture treatments helped me to connect with who I was so that I could begin making changes in my life that would lead to becoming pain free and healthy. Since beginning her acupuncture treatments I have found that I am overall a happier person, I have no pain, and have learned to easily cope with stress instead of allowing it to effect my life.

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