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Services Offered


Experience 3,000 years of ancient Chinese healing wisdom with Acupuncture. Rebalance your body’s ecosystem and grow healthy.

Nutrition Services


Poor nutrition choices are a primary cause of physical and emotional health problems. Learn to eat well for a long and healthy life.

Functional Medicine Services

Functional Medicine

We treat the whole person. By understanding of your genetic, historical, and lifestyle factors we can show you premium health.

Emotional Detox Services

Emotional Detox

Prolonged emotional stress causes imbalances that lead to chronic illness and pain. Clear out old patterns for health and happiness.

Acupuncture without Needles

Needleless Acupuncture

Uncomfortable with needles? We have multiple ways to work with the meridians to balance your life force for premium health.

Customized Eating Plans

There is no “one size fits all” diet. We work with you to develop a healthy eating plan that works for your body type and lifestyle.

Lab Test Services

Lab Tests

We combine 21st century lab tests with traditional Chinese & Functional Medicine to accurately diagnose and treat your condition.

Stress Reduction Services

Stress Reduction

Stress leads to many emotional, mental, and physical health problems. We help rebalance your life force so you can reclaim a calm state.

Herbal Medicine Services

Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal formulas are powerful natural whole food medicines with thousands of years of proven healing efficacy.


Our bodies accumulate multitudes of physical & environmental toxins that lead to stress and illness. Gently detoxify to reclaim wellness.

Meridian Testing Services

Meridian Testing

Meridians are the body’s energetic pathways. With computerized tools we measure their performance for full systemic diagnosis.

Wellness Programs & Workshops

Wellness Programs

We support and celebrate your path to wellbeing with support groups, classes and events, and health maintenance programs.

Our Happy Patients

Working with Josse has been a wonderfully supportive and insightful experience so far the past 6-8 weeks

I would recommend Josse as a very caring and knowledgable practitioner and coach around your physical and emotional level challenges for moving forward in your life!

Meghan Ryan

Meghan Ryan

Our Wellness Programs

Alchemy Radiant Health offers a complete framework to transform your health. We tailor individualized programs based on acupuncture, energy medicine, and cutting-edge nutritional science and back them up with a structure to nurture and support you through the life changes that happen on your healing journey. Weekly wellness support groups, workshops, film evenings and community events are all part of the Alchemy program.

Alchemy Total Transformation Program

In our flagship six month transformation program you will transform chronic health conditions, get clear on your powerful purpose, and learn the latest strategies for radiant health.

Alchemy Quick Start Wellness Package

A three month program to focus on a chronic health condition or to upgrade a specific health condition that is holding you back.

Alchemy Weight Loss Program

Weight loss is easy when you have a clear strategy for detoxification, a road map for the right foods to eat and acupuncture to jump start your body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Meet Alchemy Radiant Health

Josse Ford

Josse Ford

Wellness Director, L.Ac.

Josse grew up in New Zealand and comes from a family of doctors. She believes that the body is a super computer that can heal itself when detoxified and given the right nutrition. She combines the timeless principles of Chinese Medicine with the latest research in Functional Medicine to bring the best of both worlds, with a focus on wellness and transforming the causes of chronic health conditions.



Enlightened CEO

Daniel runs the business and patient education aspects of Alchemy. An Australian by birth who now calls Encinitas home, he is passionate about helping people claim their birthright to radiant health and the opportunity to be fully functional, happy, productive, energized, and connected. Daniel combines a strong background in engineering and science with a great love of people and the wonders of nature.

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Our Wellness Philosophy

Acupuncture ServiceTo be radiant we need to be willing to let our inner light shine out. This creates true beauty. High vibration foods and energy medicine removes blocks and stagnation, enabling us to shine more brightly.

Meredian MeasurementOur bodies are supercomputers capable of finding homeostasis when our lives are lived in balance. We live stressful lives out of balance with the laws of Nature and this leads to inflammaging and hormone imbalances. Acupuncture and medicinal herbs restore the balance.

Believe In Your DreamsEach of us has a purpose and set of tasks that we have agreed to master. Having the right mind set and tools to discover and live our life purpose is an important foundation in our program.

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