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Immediately within a few days my anxiety levels had dropped tremendously and it felt like I could actually function at work. Amber

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Why Choose Alchemy Radiant Health


Experience 3,000 years of ancient Chinese healing wisdom with Acupuncture. Tiny needles release the flow of life force, relieving pain, removing stagnation and alleviating anxiety.

Customized Nutrition Program

There is no “one size fits all” diet. We work with you to develop a healthy eating plan that works for your body type and lifestyle.

Meridian Testing

Meridians are the body’s energetic pathways. With computerized tools we measure their performance for full systemic diagnosis.

Medical Lab Testing

We combine 21st century lab tests with traditional Chinese diagnostics to accurately pinpoint the cause of your health issue. We go further than just alleviating your symptoms.

Herbal & Functional Medicine

We combine powerful herbal formulas with wholefood nutraceuticals to effectively treat hormone, thyroid and autoimmune conditions.


Our bodies accumulate physical & environmental toxins that lead to stress and illness, particularly autoimmune.  Gently detoxify to reclaim your health.

Our Happy Patients

She truly dedicates herself to help you heal yourself. She welcomes questions on any health topic.

I came to her after I lost a job I was extremely dedicated to. I was heart-broken, to say the least and had also lost my will to live. She kept encouraging me to take care of myself and gave me suggestions. She never used force or told me that I had to follow a specific regimet. She kept stressing that what would be in my highest interest.

Soon I opened up with questions about nutrition because I saw a tremendous change in myself and I wanted to start being more proactive. She immediately emailed me recipes and suggested what to eat and what to avoid.

Josse has created a warm and safe environment in her practice. I have a much better outlook on life in general and myself. The treatments have helped me to keep going, even through the hardest times! I feel very much at ease, calm and at peace. I sleep a lot better. I’m very energized by the acupuncture treatments and the foods I’m eating.

Since going to Josse for acupuncture treatments I no longer have skin rashes all over my body, my digestive isssues of gas, bloating and constipation have gone. My sleep is great, I no longer wake up feeling anxious or distburbed and I fall asleep easily. I had a pain in my gut but that is now gone!


I have learned to easily cope with stress instead of allowing it to effect my life

I came to Josse during a time when I was having great emotional instability. My stress and discomfort had begun to cause terrible pain in my shoulders and neck to the point where I was unable to sleep. Josse was able to patiently explain to me how the stresses in our life can manifest as bodily pain. Her acupuncture treatments helped me to connect with who I was so that I could begin making changes in my life that would lead to becoming pain free and healthy. Since beginning her acupuncture treatments I have found that I am overall a happier person, I have no pain, and have learned to easily cope with stress instead of allowing it to effect my life


I am a totally different person with lots of energy and strength.

My life has been changed dramatically last half year since I started having Josse's consultation. When I met Josse for the first time, I was in a miserable situation. I was just getting out from my terrible stomachache and weight-loss from the stress, and I was overeating and gaining weight as rebound. Thanks to Josse's encouragement and guidance, I started cooking healthy food at home, exercising regularly and doing more things I wanted to do for my personal growth. As I started changing my daily life and disciplining myself, I started having wonderful people and things into my life. I am a totally different person†with a lot of energy and strength. Also, I did not even pay attention, but I have almost the perfect body as I wanted to have! Thank you, Josse!


I went to see Josse seeking alternative methods to treat pain, neuropathy, arthritis and mood issues.  Several specialists, that I had consulted with, recommended that I start taking Humira and several other medications (with many side effects) to address my issues. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about Josse being able to fully address all of my issues, without the use of high dose pharmaceutical drugs, especially since I had worked in the pharmaceutical drug development arena.

Nevertheless, after 4 weeks of following Josse's recommendations for making dietary changes, detoxing, incorporating Chinese herbs into my diet and having a combination of laser and acupuncture treatments, I have experienced remarkable results.  I have much less pain, joint stiffness and inflammation.  I have more energy and a much more positive disposition.  I have been lifted out of my post menopausal depression.  This was all achieved without the use of traditional medications.

Additionally, after a year of experiencing numbness in my left foot, due to nerve damage, I now have feeling in my foot once again.  Josse's patience and expertise in addressing all of my issues has positively changed my life.  I am grateful to be able to have Josse's services as part of my regular, healthcare maintenance regime.  Her knowledge of alternative medical treatments is exceptional. I highly recommend Josse to all of my friends.


I would recommend Josse as a very caring and knowledgable practitioner and coach around your physical and emotional level challenges for moving forward in your life!

Working with Josse has been a wonderfully supportive and insightful experience so far the past 6-8 weeks. It has expounded upon the previous year of acupuncture I had back in NYC for a health problem and progressed into much deeper positive role.

She from the beginning took into account my health and diet history and future goals related to those areas and bigger goals in my life to create my treatments each week.

Each session we coach and talk about how the week went for my homework goals and how I could feel the acupuncture effects in my life around energy and food building a focus for that day's practice and the week ahead.

I would recommend Josse as a very caring and knowledgable practitioner and coach around your physical and emotional level challenges for moving forward in your life!

Meghan Ryan 

After working with Josse I feel a million times better

When I came to see Josse I was going through a pretty severe bout of depression and anxiety and it was getting worse and worse despite my coping mechanismsIt had gotten so bad to the point were I wasn’t really able to function at work.

I was on the verge of having panic attacks, i was crying. For example, i felt on the verge of panic attacks or crying while I was in the middle of a meeting. Like I was on the verge of losing control. This was really affecting my job which I love.

Immediately within a few days the anxiety levels had dropped tremendously and it felt like I could actually function at work and that was almost instantaneous after I made those few diet changes that you had me do.


Our Wellness Programs

Alchemy Radiant Health offers a complete framework to transform your health. We tailor individualized programs based on acupuncture, energy medicine, and cutting-edge nutritional science and back them up with a structure to nurture and support you through the life changes that happen on your healing journey. Weekly wellness support groups, workshops, film evenings and community events are all part of the Alchemy program.

Alchemy Total Transformation Program

In our flagship six month transformation program you will transform chronic health conditions, get clear on your powerful purpose, and learn the latest strategies for radiant health.

Alchemy Quick Start Wellness Package

A three month program to focus on a chronic health condition or to upgrade a specific health condition that is holding you back.

Alchemy Weight Loss Program

Weight loss is easy when you have a clear strategy for detoxification, a road map for the right foods to eat and acupuncture to jump start your body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Meet Alchemy Radiant Health

Josse Ford

Josse Ford

Wellness Director, L.Ac.

Josse grew up in New Zealand and comes from a family of doctors. She believes that the body is a super computer that can heal itself when detoxified and given the right nutrition. She combines the timeless principles of Chinese Medicine with the latest research in Functional Medicine to bring the best of both worlds, with a focus on wellness and transforming the causes of chronic health conditions.
Daniel Tardent

Daniel Tardent

Enlightened CEO & Practice Manager

Daniel runs the business and patient education aspects of Alchemy. An Australian by birth who now calls Encinitas home, he is passionate about helping people claim their birthright to radiant health and the opportunity to be fully functional, happy, productive, energized, and connected. Daniel combines a strong background in engineering and science with a great love of people and the wonders of nature.

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Our Wellness Philosophy

Acupuncture ServiceTo be radiant we need to be willing to let our inner light shine out. This creates true beauty. High vibration foods and energy medicine removes blocks and stagnation, enabling us to shine more brightly.
Meredian MeasurementOur bodies are supercomputers capable of finding homeostasis when our lives are lived in balance. We live stressful lives out of balance with the laws of Nature and this leads to inflammaging and hormone imbalances. Acupuncture and medicinal herbs restore the balance.
Believe In Your DreamsEach of us has a purpose and set of tasks that we have agreed to master. Having the right mind set and tools to discover and live our life purpose is an important foundation in our program.

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