About Dr. Josse Ford

One of a small cohort of practitioners trained and licensed in both Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine, Dr. Josse brings the best of ancient and modern healing wisdom to restore your vitality

Growing up in New Zealand

The Start of the Journey

Josse Ford comes from a family of doctors in New Zealand. Her parents and grandparents were all doctors, specializing in general practice and obstetrics. As a young child she worked as the receptionist at her father's practice after school. Her father was greatly loved because he took the time to listen to his patients, many of whom were lonely and appreciated the time that he spent with them.

New Zealand South Island

As a young child, Josse suffered from asthma and low immune function. Her diet was never taken into account. Like most children, she ate a lot of dairy and tasty junk food treats. Every time she became ill, she was dosed with antibiotics. After a while Josse noticed that the antibiotics made her feel worse and they didn’t help her colds or asthma. This revelation started her on a journey to find out how to have true health.

Dr Josse as a child

Functional Nutrition Coaching

Integrative Nutrition

We are what we eat. Organic, wholefood nutrient dense food is the foundation of good health. Josse studied Holistic Nutrition at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition, in New York City, where she was trained by some of the world’s foremost experts in nutrition and wellness including Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil MD, A. Barry Sears PhD, Mark Hyman MD and David Wolfe. Her exposure to a wide range of dietary theories from Ayurveda to The Zone enables Josse to individually tailor a healthy lifestyle program to each individual. She has helped patients with insomnia, weight loss, depression and chronic fatigue.

Wholefood Nutrition

East Meets West

Inspired by the ageless wisdom of Chinese medicine, Josse went on to study at Heartwood Institute with Paul Pitchford, author of “Healing with Wholefoods” and founder of the modern Wholefood Nutrition Movement. Here she learned the art of integrating Eastern and Western therapies. Wholefood Nutrition is based on the idea of eating quality, organic non-processed foods that allow the body to find balance and heal naturally. Josse is an expert in eating for longevity, including Chinese Nutrition and the use of tonic herbs for anti-aging and regeneration.

Chinese Nutrition

Ron Teeguarden

Chinese Tonic Herbalist

Josse completed in-depth studies with Ron Teeguarden, the premiere Chinese tonic herbalist in the United States. Ron is an expert both in the ancient art of Chinese tonic herbalism and integrating the latest herbal pharmaceutical research from China and the West. Tonic herbs are focused on increasing longevity, adrenal performance and brain optimization, without side effects.

Josse with Ron Teeguarden
Josse and Ron Teeguarden at Dragon Herbs, Los Angeles


Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Josse completed a four year Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine, summa cum laude, at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, CA., and her Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM) at Pacific College of Health Sciences in San Diego. She is a Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Functional Medicine practitioner experienced in treating a wide range of conditions including autoimmune and digestive disorders, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and brain performance. Dr. Josse is licensed to practice in California and Minnesota, is board-certified by the California Acupuncture Board, and is an NCCAOM Diplomate in Oriental Medicine.

Chinese Medicine

The Institute For Functional Medicine

IFM Certified Practitioner

Dr. Josse rounded out her education at the Institute for Functional Medicine where she completed two years of intensive training and earned the coveted IFM Certified Professional (IFMCP) credential. Functional medicine takes a comprehensive, whole health approach to prevention, health, and well-being; treats root causes of disease; and restores healthy function through a personalized patient experience. It is an ideal complement to Chinese Medicine. The combination of eastern and western approaches to holistic health allows Dr. Josse to offer many options for patients looking to recover their health and vitality.

Josse Ford LAc IFMCP


Chinese Medicine Dermatology

Dr. Josse completed 90 hours of intensive training in diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions with Mazin Al-Khafaji, recognized as the world's foremost expert in Chinese Dermatology. Chinese Medicine offers powerful solutions for treating a wide range of skin conditions, many of which (such as such as atopic eczema and psoriasis) do not respond well to conventional western biomedical approaches. Patients can enjoy clear and beautiful skin without the harmful side-effects of pharma-based treatments.

beautiful young woman with herbal beauty treatment

Modern Science Meets Ancient Wisdom

Functional Herbal Medicine

Dr. Josse practices Functional Herbal Medicine. This unique approach to healing combines the cutting-edge diagnostic capabilities of Functional Medicine with treatment plans inspired by the combined wisdom of ancient healing sages and the latest scientific research. Treatment plans focus on the healing properties of herbs and plants, together with the powerful natural medicine of whole foods. Dr. Josse makes extensive use of herbal supplements from Classical Pearls, Standard Process, Mediherb, Gaia Professional, and Premier Research Labs that echo her philosophy that medicines should be unprocessed and close to their natural sources for maximum healing efficacy.

Herbal Medicine

A Commitment to Continuous Learning

Innovating to Provide The Best Care

Dr. Josse is a lifelong learner with a passion for updating her skills and understanding with master practitioners in both Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine disciplines. Knowledge is advancing so quickly that medical training can easily become obsolete within a decade or even less without a commitment to continuous learning. Dr. Josse regularly attends functional medicine training seminars at IFM and the Kailish Institute, and recently completed 60 hours of intensive training in "Classical Strategies for Effective Herbal Formulation" with master herbalist Heiner Fruehauf. At Alchemy Radiant Health we bring you the benefits of ancient wisdom and modern research in true 21st Century holistic medicine.

Josse at IFM 2018