We’re living in a time of unprecedented and disruptive anxiety and change. On one hand its an incredible opportunity to learn and grow, but on the other its unbelievably stressful and challenging.

Anxiety levels run high as we learn to adapt, all the while trying to project an image of calmness and grace to the world.

The result? We spend lots of time feeling overwhelmed and really just plain unhappy. Our bodies respond as if in a life-threatening situation by releasing adrenal hormones like cortisol and adrenaline into our blood to help us cope. But nature only intended these mechanisms for emergencies, and prolonged release leads to serious health problems.

So, what can you do to get your life and your health back? We’d love to have you visit us at Alchemy Radiant Health for one of our amazing Stress Buster treatment programs! Until then, here are ten excellent tips we’ve put together to help you bust your anxiety and put a smile on your face!

1. Supercharge Your Diet

A mediterranean-based diet with lots of healthy greens and small amounts of animal protein (think palm-size) is perfect.

For many of us, bread is an unknown natural enemy that drives up inflammation and stress, so try to cut down.

Limit alcohol and coffee intake, because both aggravate anxiety and trigger panic attacks. Instead, develop a “green tea habit”! High quality green teas are high in antioxidants and provide a natural mental “high” that will help you power through your day.

Changes in diet take a few days to get used to – so if you feel a little discomfort or irritation just hang in there until the dust settles – you’ll be really happy when you come out the other side!

2. Start a Relaxation Practice

You are a whole person with a brain and a body – and yet so much of our modern life is lived entirely in our heads. Its unnatural and it contributes to our anxiety.

Anything you can do to connect the whole of you together will make you feel much better. Try regular exercise or yoga or meditation and make it a habit 3 times a week. A side benefit is that you’ll very likely find that you dream up some of your most brilliant ideas while you’re not actually thinking!

3. Volunteer to Help Others

Humans are naturally at their best and happiest when they are giving to and receiving from life in a balanced way. There is nothing more powerful that when you extend your heart to a person in need through service, or learn to accept help from others when you are in need. There are so many organizations needing help, so thing about trying this.

4. Build a Community

In earlier cultures, before life became so fast, tribes and families would spend quality time together sharing food, stories, and experiences. This is something we all relate to as humans and its an essential part of a happy healthy life because we are all interconnected. Be sure to make time every week to connect with family or friends. If you’re going through a lonely time you can always join a local club or community group. Hiking and arts/crafts are great places to start!

5. Enjoy Lots of Sleep

There’s a popular myth – particularly in the U.S., that going without sleep proves something and helps you to get more done.

Nothing could be further from the truth in fact. Seven to nine hours sleep per day is essential – not only to avoid stress, but also to have the best and most creative ideas. If you want to do something amazing with your life, by all means work hard – but work smart and get lots of sleep and anxiety relief to allow you to access those deep pools of inspiration – just like Einstein did!

6. Do Something you Love

Without a creative and inspiring goal in your life, you’ll probably have difficulty being happy. Some people are fortunate to have jobs that they have tremendous interest in and love for – but if thats not you its not the end of the world! Having a hobby that you do in your spare time can be just as effective and powerful – like music, hiking, acting, woodworking, or surfing – the list of possibilities is endless. Do something you love regularly and become a master of it – your anxiety levels will melt away and your happiness will skyrocket!

7. Limit Smart Phone Exposure

In a 2015 study published in the International Journal of Advances in Chemical Engineering & Biological Sciences, researchers found definitive proof that cell phone radiation increases anxiety.

We weren’t born with smart phones attached to our heads, so why would anyone think its a good idea to do that voluntarily for long period each day. Looking at a screen all day – especially a small screen also leads to visual stress and headaches. You need to manage your devices – not the other way around!

8. Spend Time in Nature

beautiful river with trees

Nature is the anti-cell phone – an ultimate form of anxiety relief. If you’ve ever camped out in a forest of giant redwoods, you’ll have no difficulty understanding what we mean. There is a natural order to nature, and when we immerse ourselves in it, it can bring true peace, and the opportunity to reflect on the positive changes we need to make to be more happy and fulfilled. Try it! It doesn’t matter much whether you choose an ocean or a forest or a desert – whats important is to stay away from technology and just enjoy each moment.

9. Try Natural Anxiety Relief

Prescription and non-prescription pharmaceutical drugs can have a very powerful positive effect when you’re in the midst of a major physical or emotional health crisis. But while they have their place, they also have quite negative physical and psychological side effects when they are used continuously. Next time you see a TV ad for a medication, just listen to the racy voice at the end warning of all the possible side-effects! You’ll need some anxiety relief just for that! If you’re feeling stressed or anxious there are natural medications that are far less taxing on your body. Try a herbal tea that has Kava Kava, or Valerian Root and you’ll feel nicely chill without the aftermath.

10. Consult a Professional

All the techniques we’ve outlined above have powerful anxiety relief effects if you keep at them. But there comes a time when you should consider getting professional help. At Alchemy Radiant Health, we trust in the body’s innate wisdom to self-correct almost all health problems when given the appropriate natural treatments and guidance. Chinese Medicine has very effective treatments for stress and anxiety that help your body take back control. A program of treatments will help to reset the body’s nervous system and allow you move ahead on a new and more positive path.