The Amazing Detox SoupThat Will Supercharge Your Brain and Put your Weight Loss Program on Steroids

Feeling sluggish or low in energy? Struggling with aches and pains, digestive problems or poor sleep? Can’t seem to lose weight? Both Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine recognize that detoxification is the key to restoring organ function and giving the body’s systems a reset.

But did you know that with today’s epidemics of brain fog and poor memory and other cognitive challenges that hinder us from optimum performance, it’s essential to detox the brain?

Getting a good night’s sleep, inversion exercises such as yoga and breathing exercises such as pranayama all help to cleanse the tissues in the brain.

The superfood ingredients in this highly mineralized, living soup will jumpstart your weight loss program and optimize your brain to perform at a higher level.


Sea vegetables are high in minerals and trace minerals in a chelated, colloidal form, easily bioavailable to your body. High mineralization has been shown to improve brain function and speed up weight loss by reducing food cravings.



Turmeric helps to detoxify the liver, stimulating fat burning. Turmeric reduces bacteria which can help transform damp conditions and help with weight loss. Turmeric also promotes brain health due to it’s powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Chlorella binds with heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides, safely removing them from your body. At 10% chlorophyl, chlorella fast tracks your detox. Chlorophyll is known to purify blood and remove toxins, stabilize blood sugar levels while reducing the craving for empty calories.

Coconut oilCoconut Oil

High in Medium Chain Triglycerides, these fatty acids boost metabolism. Medium chain triglycerides help you burn more fats, compared with other fats such as olive oil or butter. MCTs can delay brain aging, improve memory and alleviate depression.

Seaweed Superfood Detox Soup
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