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Thanks For Scheduling Your 15 min Consultation

Our wellness programs are  designed for people looking to recover and take their health to the next level. Whether you've been dealing with an ongoing health concern or you just don't feel your usual self, our programs will help you restore your radiant health, vitality, and joy for living!

Preparing For Your 15 min Consultation

1. Meet Your Doctor

Dr. Josse Ford is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine experienced in treating a wide range of conditions including autoimmune and digestive disorders, stress and anxiety, insomnia, and pain. Josse is passionate about radiant health, peak performance and premium nutrition. You can learn more about her on her Bio page

Dr Josse Ford

Dr Josse Ford DACM L.Ac. IFMCP

Alchemy Clinic Director

2. Watch Our Gut Health Video

Your gut is the foundation and the root cause of almost everything going on in your body, including your immune system, your brain function and many of your emotional responses. Because of this we have a strong focus on healing the gut as a starting point with nearly all of our patients. We recommend watching our short video so you understand how important a healthy gut is.

Josse at clinic

3. Call us on 760 944 6400 at your appointment time

Please call us at your appointment time on 760-944-6400. You'll receive a reminder email two days before your appointment. It's important that you remember  to call in or you'll miss your session!