G.I. Detox Box



Help clear harmful toxins from the GI tract with this comprehensive two-month protocol. Use as a stand-alone therapy to help balance gut flora and promote mucosal barrier function, or as preparation for deeper detox protocols.*

G.I Detox Box includes

4 x bottles Ultra Binder powder
3 x jars Artemisinin Emulsion
4 x bottles Dr. Shade’s BitterX

Product Description

Two-Month Gut Reset
Our G.I. Detox Box is ideal as a standalone therapy or as preparation for a more in-depth detox protocol. It combines three Quicksilver products – Artemisinin Emulsion, BitterX, and Ultra Binder – to support optimal gut function, the foundation of whole-body health.

Artemisinin Emulsion® – Artemisinin Emulsion® is a concentrated emulsified extract of Artemisia annua, a botanical used for millennia in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a remedy for inflammatory and digestive system complaints. Artemisinin activates bitter taste receptors on the tongue and throughout the G.I. tract, promoting bile flow and beneficially modulating intestinal microbial balance.

BitterX – BitterX features a quartet of bitter herbs that orchestrate digestion and detoxification via the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys. Dandelion and gentian root enhance bile flow and boosts antioxidant protection mechanisms via the Nrf2 pathway. Solidago supports toxin removal via the kidneys. Myrrh essential oil increases the expression of the human bile salt export pump (BSEP), promoting a healthy microbial balance in the gut.

Ultra Binder – Ultra Binder is a universal, broad-spectrum binder that captures toxins while supporting gut health. It contains a blend of activated charcoal, chitosan, bentonite clay, and IMD Intestinal Cleanse to remove a broad array of toxins. The addition of mildly laxative aloe vera and acacia gum reduces the risk of constipation that can accompany binder use.

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